Job Nmadu, Professor of Agricultural Economics specializing in Econometrics

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Academic, Teacher, Researcher, Consultant, Administrator and Community Leader with skills in Data Science and Machine Learning Modelling with R; Computable General Equilibrium Modellng with GAMS and Students Advisor (Undergraduates, Masters and Doctoral).

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Data Collection, Wrangling, Analysis and Visualisation


Leadership, Administration and Coordination


Modelling, Data Science, Machine Learning, R/CGE Programming


Research, Consultancy, Collaboration and Networking


Recent Publications

(2022). Structural Analysis and Forecast of Nigerian Monthly Inflation Movement between 1996 and 2022. 29th International RAIS Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities, American University, in Washington DC, USA, August 14- 15.


Recent R-Blogs

Introduction This blog is about two new functions, Model_factors and garrett_ranking that have been added to the Dyn4cast package. The two functions provides means for gaining deeper insights into the meaning behind Likert-type variables collected from respondents. Garrett ranking provides the ranks of the observations of the variables based on the level of seriousness attached to it by the respondents. On the other hand, Model factors determines and retrieve the latent factors inherent in such data which now becomes continuous data.

Introduction The linear model still remains a reference point towards advanced modeling of some datasets as foundation for Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in spite of some of her weaknesses. The major task in modeling is to compare various models before a selection is made for one or for advanced modeling. Often, some trial and error methods are used to decide which model to select. This is where this function is unique.

Introduction Often economic and other Machine Learning data are of different units or sizes making either estimation, interpretation or visualization difficult. The solution to these issues can be handled if the data can be transformed to unitless or data of similar magnitude. When the need to transform thus arises, then one finds it difficult to get handy function to achieve that. In this blog, I share with you a function data_transform from Dyn4cast package that can easily transform your data.


Time-varying dynamic forecast, machine learning metrics, linear systems transformation, Mallow’s Cp of economic data for …

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Introduction to data Scieence

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E-Platform on Weather and Climate Services for Resilience development: A Guide for Practitioners and Policy makers

Certified VIRT2UE Traine

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Practical General Equilibrium Modelling with GAMS

Advanced Leadership Seminar




The Federal University of Technology

Oct 2006 – Present Minna

Responsibilities include:

  • Teaching, Research and Community Development
  • Head of Department
  • Director and industrial Liaison Officer
  • Dean of Faculty
  • Consultancies, Networking and Collaborations

Chief Lecturer

The Federal Polytechic

Jan 1992 – Sep 2006 Bida
Lecturing, Research and Community Development.


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