Ability to Minimize Cost or Maximize Income: Evidence from Women Marketers Participating in Donor-Assisted Programmes in Niger State, Nigeria


The study examined the ability to minimize cost and maximize income among women marketers participating in donor-assisted programmes in Lavun Local Government Area, Niger State. The specific objectives are to describe their demographic and institutional characteristics of the women marketers, examine the level and effectiveness of participation of the women in the programmes, determine the factors that promote cost minimization or income maximization and identify the constraints that hindered the women participation the programmes. A multistage sampling technique was used to select 100 women from three (3) districts (Gaba, Doko and Jima) in the study area. The data were generated through the use of questionnaire. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive and Ordinary Least Square regression model. The result of the findings revealed mean age of the women, farming experience, household size and year of school were 38, 12, 8 and 10 respectively. The mean income realized from marketing agricultural produce was NGN90,580.00, while mean cost incurred was NGN77,880.00. However, age, marital status, sale of provision, constraint not very serious and television as sources of information were the factors that promote minimize cost and maximize income among market women that participated in donor-assisted programmes. Constraints that hindered the market women participation in donor-assisted programme were marketing cost, illiteracy, inaccessibility, gender discrimination, non-availability, complexity, lack of awareness, lack of confidence and corruption. It was therefore recommended that market women should be encouraged to participate effectively in the programmes so as to increase their level of participation and also take the advantages associated with it. The market women should diversify their sources on income in to sales of provision in addition to agricultural marketing as it promotes income maximization. Government and NGOs should assist in providing marketing information through television as it influences income maximization positively.

64th Annual Conference of Association of Deans of Agriculture in Nigeria Universities (ADAN). Faculty of Agriculture, Shabu-Lafia Campus, Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Nigeria, between 15th and 18th August
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