Exploratory Analysis of Constraints to Livelihood Diversification among IFAD-VCDP Farmers in Benue State, Nigeria


This study investigated the constraints to livelihood diversification among IFAD-VCDP farmers in Benue State, Nigeria. A two-stage sampling techniquewas employed in the selection of respondents. A total of 240 respondents were selected for this study. Descriptive statistics andprincipal component analysis (PCA) were the analytical tools engaged in this study.The study revealed that mean age and household size were 7 and 46 respectively.The PCA result revealed that the most severe constraints the farmers faced in livelihood diversification hierarchically were public and institutional constraint; educational and training constraint; climate and production constraint; trade, norms and religious believes constraint; and time and skilled labour constraint. It was therefore recommended that there is need for both the government and non-governmentorganizations to intensify efforts on public, institutional, educational and climate policies so as to increase livelihood opportunities in the study area.

ICAAT 2019-1st International Conference of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology, School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology, Federal University of Technology, Minna between 23rd-26th
Livelihood diversification Constraints IFAD-VCDP Factor analysis