Dynamic Price Movement among Major Food Grains in Selected Markets of Niger State, Nigeria


This study examined the movement of prices among and between selected food grains in selected markets of Niger State covering a period of 1980-1998. It was found that prices reach their peak during the third quarter and gradually slide downward in the fourth and first quarters. It was also observed that rural prices are generally higher than urban prices. Annual rise in prices was more rapid from around 1988. It was also observed that there was no competition among the food grains. The findings indicated that the grains market was not insulated from the shocks of changes in the macro-economic level. It is advocated that efforts must be made by all stakeholders in the sector to look to means by which price stability would be maintained in the agricultural produce market.

2004 National Conference of the Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economics held at the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, Ahamdu Bello University, Zaria. November 3rd–5th
Job Nmadu
Professor of Agricultural Economics and Dean, School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology

Research interests are economic efficiencies of small scale farming and welfare effects of agricultural interventions.