Determinants of Awareness of Credit Procurement Procedures and Farmers Income in Minna Metropolis, Nigeria


The study analysed the determinants of credit procurement procedures and farmers income in Minna Metropolis, Niger State. A total of 90 farmers were randomly sampled from six villages around Minna Metropolis. A structured questionnaire was use to obtain data from the respondents in the study area. Probit and multiple regressions were used to determine the relationship between farmers' socio economics factors and awareness of credit procurement and examine the effect of credit on the income of the farmers. The result of the study indicates that while household size and the amount of credit taken were positive socio-economic variables, Age, marital status and farm size negatively affected the awareness of procurement procedures. In addition, farm size, quantity of fertilizer and credit positively influenced gross income from agricultural produce. These imply that the motivating factors behind farmers seeking knowledge about availability of and applying for credit are not only economic though farmers who acquired and utilized credit for agricultural purposes had larger income. In view of this, farmers must be educated that farming is a business and that family, cultural and social obligations must be separated from the farm enterprise.

12th National Conference of the Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists, Faculty of Agriculture/Banquet Hall, University of Benin, Ogbowo Campus, Benin City, 13th-16th November
Awareness procurement procedure credit utilization farm income social enterprise