Socio-economic structure of farmers displaced by the establishment of large-scale farming in Edu Local Government of Kwara State, Nigeria


The effect of the acquisition of farmlands on the socio-economic structure and income distribution among farmers in Edu Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria was studied. The results indicate that all the farmers were male at an average age of 43 years. It was also noted that the amount of compensation paid to the farmers was far less that what the farmers expected and this has contributed to rising income inequality among them. It was advocated that farmers should be involved in all the processes leading to acquisition of their lands. In addition, confident building measures and collaboration will help the farmers benefit positively when their lands are acquired for whatever purpose.

2008 National Conference of the Society for Gender in Agriculture and Rural Development, University of Agriculture, Markurdi, Nigeria, May 26-28
Gini coefficient income distribution socio-economic structure social equilibrium
Job Nmadu
Professor of Agricultural Economics and Dean, School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology

Research interests are economic efficiencies of small scale farming and welfare effects of agricultural interventions.