Indigenous computer programs for statistical analysis: t-test and chi-square


Often, in research, there may be need to compare the means of two samples in order to draw a valid conclusion of the research. Also, the need to test discrete data presented in contingency tables for independence of the population distribution do arise. The popular tools used to do these are t and P2 statistics. Since these tests are very common and used by almost all researchers, they should be easy to determine. The major objective of this paper is to report on software prepared in BASIC to carry out those analyses. The section for t test is capable of making a comparison within a sample of a population or between two samples of the same or different populations. The section on chi-square is capable of analyzing two-way contingency table of any dimension. The program has produced satisfactory results and is currently running on a Microsystems.

Landzun Journal of Engineering and Appropriate Technology 1(1):95-97
Job Nmadu
Professor of Agricultural Economics and Dean, School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology

Research interests are economic efficiencies of small scale farming and welfare effects of agricultural interventions.