Use of ICT in Securing Marketing Information among Small Scale Farmers in Niger State, Nigeria


This study examined the use of information communication technology (ICT) on securing marketing information among small scale farmers in Niger State, Nigeria. Data were obtained from 90 respondents through the use of structured questionnaire. The information collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics and multinomial logistic regression technique. Results of the analysis showed that majority of the respondents were in their active age of production and were married. Most of the respondents obtained their information from radio, television, and newspaper. The finding also indicated that the years spent in school and not the educational achievement is what is likely to increase the probability of awareness. Problems identified with regards to the usage of ICTs by the respondents include language barrier, poverty, and illiteracy. It was therefore recommended that government and nongovernmental organizations should collaborate to include ICT workshop and training in farmer education programmes, encourage programmes like NYSC ICT volunteer group, and translate technology to local languages.

International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance 4(2):66-72
Information communication technology marketing small scale farmers
Job Nmadu
Professor of Agricultural Economics and Dean, School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology

Research interests are economic efficiencies of small scale farming and welfare effects of agricultural interventions.