Forecasting and growth trends of sugar cane production: meeting the goals of commercial agriculture in Nigeria


The study was undertaken to estimate the growth trend in sugarcane production. The exponential model was applied to estimate the trend in production. Secondary data was obtained for the period of production on sugarcane from 1980-2007. The results revealed that sugarcane production had an instantaneous growth rate of 2.08% and a compound growth rate of 2.10%. The growth rate reveals is further confirmed by the signs of acceleration in growth from the results computed. However the results revealed a doubling time of 32 years for sugarcane production to double its current trend. The study therefore suggests the implementation and strong revolve of the of the Federal Government’s agricultural commercialization efforts to focus on availability and timely supplies of resources, to boost optimum production and also the establishment of small scale sugar processing plants which serves as outlets for the produced sugarcanes used as raw materials for sugar production.

11th National Conference of the Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists held at New Lecture Theatre, School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria, 3oth November-3rd December