Estimating technical efficiency and the metatechnology ratio using the metafrontier approach for cropping systems in Kebbi State, Nigeria


The study applied a metafrontier model, which is developed based on the idea that different groups of cropping systems use different technology set. The analysis is applied to the meta-cost efficiency of 98 monocroppers and 158 intercroppers. The results reveal that based on the metatechnology ratio, millet/cowpea group were more technically efficient followed by the sorghum/cowpea group. The sorghum groups were less technically efficient. This suggests that crop diversification in order to manage risk sources has the potential of improving crop productivity in Kebbi State. Crop combinations, however, prove to play an important role. Care should be taken to select the optimal combination of crops to include in the intercropping system.

International Journal of Development and Sustainability 3(7):1538-1548
Cropping systems Data envelopment analysis Metafrontier Metatechnology ratio