Technical Efficiency of Millet/Cowpea Farmers in Kebbi State Nigeria: A Double Bootstrapping Approach


The research investigated the technical efficiency of farmers in Kebbi State Nigeria, with the aim of generating reliable information on the determinants of efficiency. In order to achieve the objective of the study, Data Envelopment Analysis, Double Bootstrapping procedure within the Principal Component Regression frame work were used. Data for the research was obtained mainly from primary sources through a questionnaire survey of 65 intercroppers who produce a combination of millets and cowpeas. The results from the technical efficiency suggest that there is an opportunity for increasing the technical efficiency levels of millet/cowpea farmers and hence their ability to increase output levels at present input levels and within the existing technology set. Support services such as subsidies on farm inputs, provision of credit and extension services of the new Agricultural Transformation Agenda Programme (ATAP) should be properly implemented and targeted at the small scale farmers.

British Journal of Economics, Management & Trade 5(3):366-373
Technical efficiency data envelopment analysis double bootstrapping principal component regression